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Suite 1400-1781
Austin, Texas 78701
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Team Member
The Aleshire Company will become part of your facilities team and help to lead you through the process. We will save you time every step of the way; from strategic planning to move-in.

Mitigate Risk
Our extensive experience in tenant representation allows us to reduce the inherent risks associated with a real estate commitment.

Our extensive experience in tenant representation allows us to offer multiple and viable solutions to any real estate problems that may arise.

Market Knowledge
Using many years of experience and a database that tracks every building in the Austin Metropolitan Area we provide superb market advice.

Most importantly, The Aleshire Company creates a strong position of leverage for our clients by providing multiple space options. When you have real choices you are in a great position to negotiate!

The Aleshire Company will provide your team with detailed reports including proposal analyses and discounted cash flows to insure that you are making apples-to-apples comparisons of the short listed space solutions.

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