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Who pays the fee for my Exclusive Tenant Representative?
The Tenant Rep is similar to a "Buyer's Broker" in residential real estate. Generally, Landlord's pay a fee to their Broker even if you have no representation. If you have representation, a portion of the Landlord Broker's fee will be paid to your Tenant Representative.

Why should I hire an Exclusive
Tenant Representative?

The Landlord's Broker is an expert in commercial leasing and is looking out for the interests of the Landlord. You should have an expert working to protect your interests. A bad leasing decision can effect you for many, many years. The Exclusive Tenant Representative will save you time, money and help to protect you against the inherent risks associated with a real estate commitment.

Should I sign a Tenant
Representation Agreement?

Absolutely. The agreement defines the relationship. It will also clearly list the scope of services that you should expect. A signed agreement allows your Tenant Representative to commit resources and take the extra steps to ensure that all of your options are explored.

What is Captive Tenant Syndrome (CTS)?
When a tenant is negotiating a renewal or expansion and the existing Landlord has no reason to believe that the tenant will relocate, CTS occurs. Tenant's will not see the Landlord's best terms unless they truly consider other options. When you have options, you have leverage. If you do not have options, you are a captive tenant. The Aleshire Company can eliminate CTS.

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