Providing Advanced Real Estate Solutions in Austin, Texas

Office Leasing in Austin

We’re focused on providing advanced real estate solutions to the real estate user.

In finding Austin office space, we assist companies through the difficult processes of space evaluations, long-term planning, lease renewals, tenant representation services, commercial space acquisitions and relocations.

The Aleshire Company can save you 50% of your time, 15% or more of your occupancy costs and help protect you against the inherent risks associated with office leasing in Austin.

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Austin has so many different area of town, each with its own vibe, history, and culture. A few of our favorite parts of Austin are the Domain, the East Side, and the South Congress Avenue area, but don’t miss out on South West Austin, the Central Business District, or North West Austin either! Take a peek at these wildly popular parts of Austin and let us know where we can help you find your perfect office or commercial space.

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How The Aleshire Group Can Help You

Needs Analysis

When evaluating your real estate needs, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions. The Aleshire Company will assist you in completing a thorough analysis of your needs.

Locate & Acquire Space

We’ll assist you from strategic planning to move-in. It is our goal to help your company achieve the best space for the best terms and conditions possible.

Leasing Services

We can help get savings on lease renewals by creating a position of leverage and eliminating “captive tenant syndrome”, and can help you create leverage for expansion negotiations.

Purchasing Space

We will assist with the process including site search and selection, contract negotiation, due diligence and closing.